Hello, My New Creation (Special Design for KW88) "Interceptor" Working on KW88 ONLY with

My New Creation (Special Design for KW88)


Working on KW88 ONLY with “Eric Crochemore´s” greet Launcher!

(the best launcher to Show Digital Watchfaces with implated Widges on KW88)

Note: To work with Erics Launcher, you must first unzip the download.
Please copy only the Watchface-Folder inside your clockskin Directory!

This Watchface was a very hard Work.
(Over 100 Stages, up to 30 layer per File)
created only with Photoshop and Illustrator.

All Parts are Handcrafted, and the Design is a absolut New Design of my Own.
(So no Homage to real Watches)

All Widgeds that work with Erics Launcher on KW88 are implanted, and the Watchface is special optimized for the Amoled Display of the KW88.

The Design is created for a good look on the KW88 Watchbody.

It works equally on other Watches like D5.

Have Fun :slight_smile:

@Di_Di ​ you’re our watchskin God!!


Great work.

perfect. is there any option other color than white? like the skin of your creations hours earlier. tried so many choices. thank you happy new year

FANTASTIC …:slight_smile:

With this one, I have the same problem as with Di,Di cronosplit … No preview available, only i can see the name of the file, and if i select it, Eric launcher stop working … any help, plis ??? I love both of them …

@Rafael_Cabanes_Morel ​ you mustn’t put the .zip file into the clockskin folder. Unzip it and then paste the folder ‘interceptor’ into the clockskin folder.

Ps: tested on KW88. When you put it zipped in the clockskin folder, it makes the launcher crash, you need to switch to stock launcher and delete the file. Then launch Eric’s launcher again and you’re fine.

@Rafael_Cabanes_Morel no hay de que. Let us all know

Hello Rafael,

I think your problem is that you have not unzipt the watchface!

Please copy In the clockskin-
folder only the unzipt folder of a Watchface.

NOT the zipfile!!

Thanks Michal,

I was too slow :slight_smile:

(english is not my speak)

@Michal_Kuti thanks a lot Michal !!! Now i have all of them !!! great !!!

One of the best! Thanks!

Bonsoir je ne comprend pas comment installer le fichier zip j ai creer le dossier clockskin unzip le fichier dedans et apres , merci pour votre aide, j ai chercher mais ce n,'est pas clair

@Di_Di ​ very good work.
Thank you for your activities.

link to Eric’s Launcher please

Thanks to Lokifish.
I have now updated my post.

@Di_Di .
Many thanks for your watchfaces. This one is very nice !!

Das Gesicht passt einfach zu kw88 !!!
missing/deleted image from Google+

Works fine on Lemfo LF16. Nice design thanks.