Hello, My New Creation "Gearplay" This Watchface was a hard Work.

My New Creation


This Watchface was a hard Work.
(Many Stages, with many layer per File)
created only with Photoshop and Illustrator.

All Parts are Handcrafted, and the Design is a absolut New Design of my Own.
(So no Homage to real Watches)

I think our Community have now the first Watchface of the World
with a real working (Planetary) Gear.

(the Gear drive the Second Hand)

Have Fun :slight_smile:

Keep up the creative work… more fun than porting :slight_smile:

thanks for your work …nice Watchface

Great accuracy, it’s amazing! I was thinking of one like that! Thank you!

Awesome watch with incredible accuracy and parts details. As a technician I’m seriously impressed. Really cool.

Nice. I’ve been playing with a similar idea. I know how difficult it is to get all the gears meshing properly.

Really nice work, congrats. I was thinking about something like that too, but now you’re too far ahead ! The winner is YOU ;o)

Thanks to all, and special to the Grandmaster of Watchskin. “Roland Tanguy“

wow wow wow ! I’m still a newbee here ;o)
Thank’s anyway! I wish I knew illustrator too. For now, I concentrate on photoshop shapes… !

looks great!!