Hello, My New Creation, designed on a KW88,

My New Creation, designed on a KW88, working on D5 and other Full Android Smartwatches.

(To Work with KW88, you need the Launcher from “Eric Crochemore“)

(This Watchface is my Own Design, so no Homage to a Real Watch)

(All Parts are Handcrafted with Photoshop)

At first many Thanks to the Watchface-designer (re)designer and Porter for here works.

I found here many very good loocking Watchfaces.

I see the most Watchfaces here are Handcrafted Rebuilds ,or absolut New Designs by Users from this Communitie.

Its a Lot of work to make a Watchface.

Note: Its easy to make default Watchface with a Program like Watchmaker, or only take Scans from Existing Luxery Watch, but its very Hard to Design, to program and/or Build absolut new Faces.

So it makes me a little bit Sad to see that thausends of People download the Faces from the Designer here, but only the same 5-10 People give a positive comment.

It´ll only take a second to tap on the like Button (+1)


Muy bonito pero no lo puedo descargar

Nice face, will you share it?

It is s standalone app or can to add to default clockskins launcher?

@Di_Di ​ you forgot to add a link to the apk so we can download.

Cadê o apk? Ficou ótimo

@Di_Di ​ I am following you. I will always + your watch faces. Cos it is very nice! Keep it up!

NICE! Great looking face! Hope you add the link.

@Di_Di ​, this looks awesome. And if you release it once… imagine all those people around the world wearing a watch with your name on it :^)
2 questions I have here: have you done it as .apk or does it need Eric’s launcher? Do you have a real photo of how it looks on the watch?

Looks very nice! I hope you will share the .apk file. Thanks!

That’d look good in red.

Apk plz… +1

Hey guys this is the 2nd time I hear about Eric’s Launcher. What is it and where do I get it?

You have a valid point. I am hoping to get some time after the holidays.


Hello Friends,

Thanks for the many positive coments.
Here come the Link :slight_smile:

To work on KW88 you need the Launcher from “Eric Crochemore“

Note: To work with Erics Launcher, you must first unzip the download. Please copy only the unziped Watchface-folder inside you clockskin-directory!

NOT the ziped file!!!

I am only a Owner of a KW88 so i can tested the Watchface only on the KW88.


Hello Survival Instincts,
i have make a red Version for you.

But the Color “Red“ is not so good on the KW88.
The Color is not very stable. It is not the Problem of the Watchface,
it is a General Problem of the Display.

Have Fun :slight_smile:

(Sorry for my bad English, ist not my speak)



missing/deleted image from Google+

@Al_Rod does that launcher replace the stock kw88 OS or does it run as an app?

Hi Di Di

Where can i download the eric’s launcher or how can i upload the face zip file to my KW88.
i really going to appreciate your help.
Thank you.

@Di_Di Hello thx for the zip… really appreciate your work… but after doing as per your guide I got it installed and applied but it not fitting as per your shot…
missing/deleted image from Google+

@Sergio_Cavazos_Jr is an app but works as alternative launcher! You can switch between them.