Hello, I'm anew Finow x5 owner,

Hello, I’m anew Finow x5 owner, but I am getting zero response on my questions placed on the xda develop forum.
So, I’l try my luck here.
Is there anybody who is willing to mail me an IWC clock skin such as this one here below?

Welcome. You can download some IWC faces in the custom face section of this community

Could you mail me : rpvanhal@gmail.com?
I am having no luck finding…they have all been removed?

I typed IWC into the search bar and got this…

Yes, thank you Andrew, but no more files under the links!
Hence my request.
I sure hope someone is willing to send me his clockskin zip files of this iwc .

Hello Richard,
I believe I can help you. That’s a beautiful skin by the way and one of my favorites. I have the zip file but I’m not sure the best way to share it with you. I should be able to email it if you provide me an email address.

The developer was never able to get the battery meter to work on this IWC, but everything else is fine and it is still an awesome skin.

@A1_Web Hello a1 web, that’s very nice of you!
My email is already in this thread as reply to Andrew Davis It is rpvanhal@gmail.com

its on the way to you


@A1_Web Hi! I am new here, can you send me zip file to danmincea@yahoo com please?

@Richard_van_hal Can you send the zip file to tanusubroto@gmail.com please?

It’s a shame that the April ClockSkin collection is no longer available. I really really wanted to have some of the ClockSkins. Right of the bat, the first one is superb! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t5N_dMqiVv0&t=0m12s
If someone knows of a way I can get my hands on that one, it would be much appreciated!

@Ronald_Jansen Hi RJ… I noticed a few of mine in there… if you left click on my Avatar you’ll go to my posting page, where you might find something… :slight_smile:

I already went through your posts, but unfortunately I couldn’t find the clockskin that is 12 seconds in, in the video I previously mentioned.

@Ronald_Jansen It might not be mine… I’ll take another look :slight_smile:

@Ronald_Jansen :frowning: it’s not mine but it is a beauty…

Glad you agree :slight_smile: You wouldn’t happen to know who I might contact to acquire this gem? @SmartWatch_Ticks , perhaps you know the creator?