Hello~ I like this of the round-watches,

Hello~ I like this of the round-watches, so I bought two weeks ago in korea. I knew this google+ site, I upgraded the firmware the lastest k8 mini version. And then, I can’t use calling.

For one week, I am trying to solve this problem.
Now, I know this problem that I can’t check UMTS Mode at Bandmode Menu.
How can I select one un-selected parts in this UMTS mode menu?

I’m waiting for your godness help.
Thank you.

@Lokifish_Marz thank you for my question.

Now I just can not use the phone function, I think, because ‘wcdma-imt-e-2100’ was not checked. So try to check this. In South Korea looks set to values ​​in the picture seems to be unavailable, the phone function.

If I have the first original rom, I would go back the first time.

Is there any way to do something?


I see. If you’re right, I act I almost do not bother. I do not know that wcdma-imt-2000 is 2100 3G. Thanks.

The APN settings are perfect. I had already been confirmed by the telecommunications company (SKT), finished the APN settings. So I do not think there is a problem APN. But the fact that I can not use the phone function, I can not believe.

I used the phone functions for four days from the day after receiving the k8 mini. (Now I’m unhappy, but at that time I was very happy.) The USIM to put it in another phone is no problem to use the phone function. That is, the conclusion was the problem of H/W K8 mini.

I’ll try a little bit more to solve this problem. This community has a lot of information about the K8 Mini (No 1 D5 / X1, anything else). So I got a lot of help.

Thanks. @Lokifish_Marz