Hello, I have just received my K9 and I would like to know which

Hello, I have just received my K9 and I would like to know which is the newest ROM or what you recommend.

My current is: v160113 so, of January and I Think in March they launched a new one…

I have v.160310 on my D5… I bought the watch in March 2016…

Someone knows the changelog? BTW I suppose it works better than mine…

I think the K9 firmware that you have is the latest. The newer firmware others are referring to is for the D5 and in my opinion is not as good as the K9 January firmware that you have already.
I would use Loki’s custom rom.

Loki’s custom rom is my rom but enhanced right?

With the D5 system is possible in the k9 put the new watch faces?
Con el sistema del D5 sabeis por favor si es posible insertar nuevos diseños de reloj?
Thanks, Gracias.

It is possible with both K9 and D5

thank you very much , the procedure is the same ? I have tried to do so by copying the folder in the root ClockSkin and ignored me . Not whether to perform a different procedure.

Hello , a month that I have my X3 K9 does, I want to change fields, but not how to do , you have to change something ? Change ROM ? , Can someone please help me

I have a smartwatch k9 k3 but never had any updates for a year or more, if there is any newer android for it and how can I download??