Hello I have a question.

Hello I have a question.
I have a no1 d5+ and I love it, but after using it for a couple of weeks. I started to feel it overheating. So I wanted to ask about the radiation of these smartwatches.
Are they safe to wear all day long and are there any health issues that we should take in mind?

I guess no one else experienced that.
I want to inquire again.
Is there no danger from the radiation of these smartwatches being strapped on our wrist all the time?

I have D5+ as well. The watch only got warm or heating up whenever I enable the 3G with data ON. But it gets cold if I’m only using Wifi or Bluetooth. I would assume it’s not the radiation you felt but more of the battery and CPU getting overheat there. This watch is very poor in heat dissipation…