Hello. I have 2 watch face requests.

Hello. I have 2 watch face requests.

  1. I only need it to contain the emblem in the picture with the time, date and battery. You can put a black background if you want. ( Try to have as much black as possible)

2)Also if someone can make a simple, black background, watch face that shows the time, date and battery but as much black as possible because I don’t want it to drain.

I’m new to the community and I’ve got to say good job to the creators, keep up the good work !!!

Wait do you think if darker colors the more battery you save? Also dark is a color and display needs as much energy as it needs for other colors. Did you experienced that somehow that darker colors dont drain the battery as fast? That would be interessting for all of us. What i have read darker images needs more power than lighter ones on lcd but if you have oled display its true the darker the more power saved. Greets

Well AMOLED Displays only use the pixels that it needs. So the black you see on AMOLED screens is actually the pixels turned off completly so in theory that should be using less battery. When it comes to LED / LCD Displays the whole screen is lit up regardless of that if the pixels are needed or not

@Venom_Gaming yep thats what i wrote above :slight_smile: Now the Question is what watch does he have with which Display equipped.

@Garry_Beaumont That’s pretty good. Can you make the Emblem Larger and put it in the middle ? (Cover as much as possible without being cut off ) but you can post the link to that one as well. Thank you

@Jurgen_Oberst Well most of the 100$ China Smartwatches have them (Lemfo, Domino, Kingware, NO.1 etc…)


@Garry_Beaumont You can take this emblem and put it so there are less jagged edges

@Garry_Beaumont Thank you very much kind sir. Keep up the good work !!!

@Venom_Gaming maybe so i have one i only know the name of the model its a s1 plus with an quad core mtk6580m but i have no idea about the producer or factory its made in :slight_smile: i guess i have a no name watch but it was only 55$ and works very well and dont think it has amoled. Lol the funny part of me purchasing is i choosen the screen 240240 because i thought it will not consume more power than 400400 heheh i should have done my homework about screentypes earlier, next one will be a better screen but for now i am very satisfied with my watch and if used only as watch with sim it goes for bout 2 days on one charge. Greets!

@Garry_Beaumont Thank you so much !!!

@Garry_Beaumont Where can I learn to make my own ?

@Venom_Gaming ​​ get watchface designer from the proboard forum its really awesome and easy to learn :slight_smile:
Wait u have a watch with ClockSkin watchfaces if yes u can use the watchface designer

@Jurgen_Oberst Cool. Always watch for the specs. Keep in mind that more powerful processors can drain more battery and I recommend AMOLED displays because of the contrast. It’s also vibrant but the downside is higher cost. More and more smartphones and smartwatches are using AMOLED because of it’s benefits. To check if you have an amoled display, turn the device off and go to a dark area, when you turn it on watch carefully if the whole display brights up (blank space but you can notice that the pixels are lit ). Cheers

@Garry_Beaumont hehe cool yesterday i had the idea to create a watchface based on a car tachometer and now you show me your skin :slight_smile: hehe nice!

@Garry_Beaumont all faces i published here are made with watchface designer :slight_smile: i need more practice and time to learn all the possibilities from the program. Have no idea yet what speedmeter ill do. I think i ll make some xmas themes first :slight_smile: greets

@Garry_Beaumont its your mini? Looks fancy :slight_smile: