Hello, I am a new user to the Finow x5 air,

Hello, I am a new user to the Finow x5 air, and I want to apply some of the watch faces I saw in the community but after downloading I see no clear way of doing it. For those who know how to, please tell me an easy way tof doing so.

I think that finow works like my NO. 1 D5 pro with android 5.1. Create a folder on your watch named Clockskin. Download any watch face for Android (not Android wear). Unzip the watch face and put it on the clockskin folder you created on the watch. It’s ready. Reboot your watch and you done. In YouTube, look for “ 800 faces do finow”. Download, unzip, choose what you want and… Be happy. Sorry my English. Anísio from Brazil. Bye

All videos are on our YT channel.

No reboot necessary. Just make the folder, make sure you paste only the folder inside the clockskin file what contains the files… No subfolders.

@Anisio_Nil_Molduras Thank you