Hello guys, I've found the community recently and wondering some subjects.

Hello guys,
I’ve found the community recently and wondering some subjects.
-Since LEM3 and Zeblaze Blitz share same apperance and specs, is it possible to flash Zeblaze Blitz to LEM3 software to download watch faces and other kind of customisation?
Right now LEM3 is priced 130 USD and Blitz is 90 USD so there’s 40 dollars difference for nothing.
-Another thing is i’m not willing to use zeblaze blitz as phone, i’d like to use it for notifications. Is it possible that i can use it that way with iPhone 6 Plus iOS 9.3.3?
Thanks in advance!

LEM3 and iPhone 6 do not get along very well. It works decent with the Androids.

So far I known theLem3 doesn’t allow customization as any 5.1 Android smartwatch still doesn’t allow (or why do you say the Lem3 supports add watch faces), I also have and iPhone 6s plus and Zeblaze blitz and notifications is supported but in a very basic way, also the Bluetooth connection drops very often

Thank you for the replies people, helped alot!