Hello guys and girls.

Hello guys and girls. I just got my No.1 D5 smartwatch and got down creating as soon as I found out I could do that. I created something (well I modified a pre-existing watchface in order to get familiar with the process with ClockSkinMaker) and it was a small hit among peers.
I decided I would create more, mostly retro gaming stuff (why so few of that kind, I wonder) so any help on how to animate seconds, 24-hour plates and such will be appreciated.

Thanks a lot and I’m happy that I’ve found such a wonderful smartwatch and community behind it.



@Andrew_Davis ​ whoa! Thanks dude! Will get to it ASAP. Love the Space Invaders one!

Here is the Mario watch… it uses a few different techniques… :slight_smile:

And here is something very special by +Andrew Somers :slight_smile:

@Andrew_Davis ​ awesome! I’ll study them all! Is it okay if I contact you for further questions?