hello, got my finow x3+ today,

hello, got my finow x3+ today, just wondering is there a way to change the app display to square instead of circle? Thanks

On this UI you need root and xposed framework to get the square window.
It will come soon

Hi @yang_li , I’m interested on the firmware of this watch, is posible to extract? I see on the specs that the notifications to iphone is working and I would try.

We haven’t even got them yet and it will not work on any other watch in existence at the moment anyway. The chipset is completely different to the old X/D series watches and even the new 5.1 watches by KW and IQI…

Please do not post the firmware here as we will end up with many broken watches.

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 Thanks for the information. I would try because the sinwear app from iphone is not working fine in my Blitz.
I hope in the next version they can resolve these bugs.

If you try to use the files from the X3+ you will kill your watch

Thanks @Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 for your considerations.