Hello, everyone, someone could port it to No 1 D5 ?

Hello, everyone, someone could port it to No 1 D5 ?


Please do not copy, modify or distribute, for commercial or non-commercial purposes, any part of this watch face without the explicit permission of the original creator… I wonder why 808NINJA said that?

+Andrew Davis Hello,long time no see.And yes,it is better to create a watchface,rather than to copy one.

I think that more people should try it :slight_smile:

I meant better but I typed easier,lol,it is easier to copy,but I think it is better to try make one.

Okay, do you have a tutorial to how create one ? it"s not possible to port it ?

@Andrew_Davis thanks mate and great to see you back :+1::+1:

@Jordan_Jouanchicot Yes… click on my name and scroll down through my posts :slight_smile:

@Andrew_Davis thanks for your tutorial I’ve done that : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwkegG_Lg8-eblpzbFRlYm9uN1k/view?usp=sharing
I wait my D5 so if someone want to try it or could said to me if it works correctly …
(If I have well done the image is 400400 pixels but D5 is only 360360, I need to put image at 360*360 size ?)

@Jordan_Jouanchicot I make mine at 400x400… D5 makes change automatically… :slight_smile:

@Jordan_Jouanchicot I think that that is excellent… :slight_smile:

You are now an A1+ designer… :slight_smile:

It Works ? It’s easy X) long but easy (if we don’t create all the files Else it’s very very long I thing )