Hello everyone, I have a problem with my x5 after five months in office

Hello everyone, I have a problem with my x5 after five months in office I put it on to the board before going to sleep and in the morning I find myself with the power-on screen (the one with the clock and the words smartwatch) that intermittently you off and on, he does not respond to any button. I contacted the store where it was purchased and tell me to update the firmware …

First thing to do is remove the rear cover and locate the black&red battery cable. Disconnect it by gently taking off by moving it up and off the board - very important you move it very gently it upwards with something not made of metal. Leave it disconnected for a while and then re-connect and turn on.
Hopefully you’ll be ok. If not - flash the firmware located over on http://roundandroidwatches.proboards.com/board/7/factory-firmware-support and follow the guides.

thanks for the information, which firmware should I download for my x5

hopefully you won’t need to but the latest is there in the link I gave you it’s an w815 (X5)

thanks again…

Thanks again for the assistance. problem solved … public the photos of my x5 with modified strap …

getting an error 404 when I try to access the link…I’m interested in your strap mod…

I used the steel strap for tissot 23mm located on aliexpress, I had to adapt it.

so what happened to the link ?

I do not know the link use the application to aliexpress for purchases, you have to work a bit to adapt it with a micro motor and cutters to tungsten, and must be welded inside a small thickness to prevent rotation of the attack, the result is good although again it takes a little work and the precise hand … to the antennas of the original strap I tried to place them inside the case, the signal becomes narrower but still works …

still not working :frowning:

  1. That’s an error.
    The requested URL was not found on this server. That’s all we know.

I do not understand, what it refers to the error?

It means it cannot find the file (photo)