Hello everyone and happy new 2017! I have a question and maybe someone can

Hello everyone and happy new 2017!
I have a question and maybe someone can help me: I just installed on my Finow X3+ the latest version of the stand alone launcher of @Eric_Crochemore . Awesome launcher (thanks for the commitment Eric!), but i would like to know if it is possible to start automatically the launcher when the watch switches on. I must actually start the app every time I switch on the smartwatch, which honestly is a bit boring. Another strange thing is that, once the launcher is running, if i push the first of the two buttons on the watch side, the system comes back to the original OEM launcher.
Thanks for support.

Thanks for sugestion, but everytime I try to come back to home screen while Eric’s laucher is running, I get an error as shown in the picture. I guess maybe this launcher is not fully compatible with X3+ . Am I wrong? Pity.

@Lokifish_Marz do you suggest a factory reset then ?

Hello again @Lokifish_Marz , I just made a factory reset and reinstalled the Eric’s launcher. It seems to be working fine now. Thanks for your suggestion.
Once installed the launcher I noticed that in some screens the font size was too big (for example, the first sweep down screen) and the text overlapped icons making the content unreadable. I solved the problem by selecting in the settings the text size from extra large to large. This modification improved also the icons dimension whether you do not want to use the round visualization instead of grid.