Hello everybody. Help solve the problem.

Hello everybody. Help solve the problem. When I unlock screen, it starts like included (some highlighted), but hangs. And then have to restart the clock. How to solve this problem?

Can you make a quick video of the problem ? :slight_smile:

I habe same problem, just copied a New WF into the downloaded folder in the watch, than suddenly the switched off and starded with the problem, Even disconnect the watch doesn’t help. ,please help!!!

Sorry, some wrong explanation, I copied a New watchface to the folder Download on Kw88, than the failure comes up, I disconnected the battery inside of watch, waited some time, but not solving the problem, still same, please try to help!

Go on XDA or the Round Watchface forum, I never had this kind of problems with my watch :confused:

Could you just delete the new WF to solve it?New WF do you mean apk?if so, search the previous post,er…I forgot Loki has deleted them,but you could find help on our forum.
BTW:usually a wired flash solves this issue.

I put one apk WF on my KW88 and it worked well… but when I deleted it ALL the watchfaces disappeared… :frowning: