Hello, could you tell me how to remove the widgets.

Hello, could you tell me how to remove the widgets. I have a KW88 watch and thank you for your comments. Since the clock on my watch: down, arrives on google then left the widgets with the button “+”, but I can not uninstall. My watch has the original firmware of the KW88 for information.
Again thank you for those who will take their time to answer me.

What do you mean by widgets ??

Long press on the widget should do it. Eric’s launcher right?

Yes Eric launcher.

What’s the benefit of eric’s launcher ?

@Samsung_Galaxy check out his thread but here’s a taster:

Features :

  • .watch file support (only not protected format)

  • clockskin file support

  • date/time/stopwatch tags (reference here watchmaker.haz.wiki/).

  • battery tags (except temp)

  • sensor tags only steps/HR/accelerometer

  • NEW timezone / weather

  • NEW “skin pref” dialog in the 3rd setting page : the Main location is used for weather, the others are for timezone. You can also choose C or F for temperature.

  • No counter/phone/device/calendar/tasker tags

  • full script support

  • NEW full shape / shader

  • markers / text (carriage return is not seen)

  • Bright / Dim mode, multi screen support

  • NEW full lua support with wmschedule, tweens but no wmtransition…

  • Double tap opens a dialog box where you can : choose between Night and Day mode and adjust the zoom factor.

  • clockskin Skins can be read in ZIP format : no need to decompress a skin in the ClockSkin directory, just put the zip file.

Note the the ZIP file should not contain the skin in a sub directory.

Read more: http://roundandroidwatches.proboards.com/thread/758/universal-launcher-new-generation-2?page=14#ixzz4cCUhErNT

@alexandre_ringot if you are having issues - report them to him in his thread