Hello community, here's the Omega Seamaster Rio 2016 clockface for Zooper Widget.

Hello community,

here’s the Omega Seamaster Rio 2016 clockface for Zooper Widget.

Download link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8MGl8JngGPkZHlGcDlWSU5QeDA

Design by +Andrew Davis
Coding by @Kenneth_Tan ​​

Remember you need:
Zooper Widget Pro (Free version wil not import zw files)

and an alternative Launcher:
Nova Launcher: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.teslacoilsw.launcher

How to add these custom watchfaces on this very watch?

I’ve downloaded the Rio/omega watchface and put it in templates folder. Now as I add the zooper widget I don’t see it among the avaliable template. I can’t understand where I mistake?

I’m sorry to find out that Zooper Widget FREE will not load external ZW files. You need to buy the pro version.

@Kenneth_Tan_Fotograf And it is worth every penny :smiley:

@Vmax ​ I think so too. No Starbucks coffee for me today but I buy an app on my phone ; )

I’m goimg to try making the instruction video on how to do this tonight.

Hello Kenneth,

Is that chance to prepare faces in .apk ? Have you seen @Mirko_Genovese work? Awesome, no needs 3rd part of app. Your both work might solve KW88 problems.

thanks in advance