Hello at all, i´m new in the "smartwatch world" and here.

Hello at all,

i´m new in the “smartwatch world” and here.
My engish is not very good.
My X3+ is in transit, so i only can test with the clock skin maker.
Actual i´m working on a “Stargate skin”, now i have a question.
Is it possible to set an angle for the battery_array?
Same with the date.
I think the picture says more than words.
Hope this question doesnt exist.
Thanks in advance.


Thanks, i’ll check and try it.


Hello i tried this, but I think with an battery_array that’s not possible. I can’t split in two array’s, because than I have two times battery displayed. And it gives problems with the percent. I had an other idea I want to make a half circle, where I had create different images for every 5% but this also didn’t work. It shows me only 5% and 25%, it change between the two images however the the the battery level is set. Do you have an other solution.

It can be done by the method you’ve been described… but you have to be very creative with the layers and the masking is tricky…
It is sometimes better to design a face around the limitation of the clock engine rather than to try to make the engine perform to the limitations of your design :slight_smile:

I’ve just done exactly this on a face that I’ve been tinkering with. Most of my faces use this technique for numbers because it gives complete control over the layout. I generally make a number, angle it, then make the width 400 pixels wide (transparent with the number in the middle). 2 digits will be placed next to each other but they will be 400 pixels apart, so one will always be off the screen. To do a 2 digit number use the same array twice, one offset by 200 and the other offset by -200 (well, actually 205 and -205, so they don’t overlap).

When you master it you’ll be a member of an exclusive club… :slight_smile:

Now i had understand whats the trick with the layers.
Here my first skin only with battery, because my X3+ goes back to shipper, “Undeliverable Item” says the tracking.
So i shift this project in the future, when the watch is in my hands :frowning:
The nubers must have a little fix in size to fit correctly, this is i´ll make later.
Many thanks for your support, and the look in the way how it goes.


It was great if somebody can make a little video from the skin, i only can see in ClockSkinMaker at this time. Thanks.

Sometimes you have to pay a duty/tax before they’ll deliver your watch… check your inbox/junk mail… you might find an invoice :slight_smile:

I spoke with the shipper, he has the same information. And he send the watch again. So now it’s again time to wait. Delivery to Germany goes about 3-5 weeks.
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