Hello! Any chance to switch off pedometer permanently to stop battery drain?

Hello! Any chance to switch off pedometer permanently to stop battery drain?

You should install settings search, go on apps end disable it like you can do with a regular phone. Settings search gives yyou access to every settings that are hiden in stock firmaware

When you disable pedometer in Settings Search, you loose the window with Heart Rate and Pedometer when you slide to the right from the Watch Face. If you reenable it, you still don’t get the icons back on that top level panel. The panel is there, it’s just empty. I haven’t figured how to get it back short of flashing the firmware yet. Anybody else able to verify this? I think this applies to the D6/Q1 platform, but it may be the same for the round watches as well.

I read somewhere in this comunity that you can add and remove panel from main screens. I didnt try it couse Im still waiting my k9 blocked in custom from 20 days :frowning:

@EasyLearn_How Yes, it’s possible.

@EasyLearn_How Thanks, I will try.

@SmartWatch_Ticks Thx for info

@SmartWatch_Ticks i’ve disabled something that is buildin the watch and now i do’nt have the windows of weather and health :\

@sonia_sophie_ataunna Exactly! And they don’t come back when you reenable the apps. They don’t come back either if you clear data in Launcher, right? I know it’s this way on the D6/Q1 (you can’t remove or rearrange or add windows either on these watches).

@SmartWatch_Ticks i need to reset the watch??? i can’t just enable what i touched?

@sonia_sophie_ataunna You can enable the installed apps, and they will reappear in your app listing. I found on the D6/Q1 they do not reappear in the windows accessible by sliding to the right from the watch face. Of course, all that is handled differently on the round watches, so they might come back. I know this is true for Heart Rate and Pedometer, but I didn’t try disabling Weather.

@SmartWatch_Ticks that just it i did’nt disable them i’ve disabled something else not sure or remember what but i know it is something i do’nt use anyway…i’ll go to search settings and go over the buildin apps:)

@SmartWatch_Ticks Hi:) I would like to disable pedometer too, but i dont find the option in this app. I have a K9 G3 watch with the stock firmware (released on january), and i didn’t root the watch yet.

istall setting search and go there to the app and you can disable it.

@sonia_sophie_ataunna I already installed the settings searc app, there’s lot of options, but i didn’t find it. If i choose applications, there’s nothing similar to pedometer. Would you take a photo of your watch with this option? Maybe this way i’ll find it…

on the app go to all and there find Health app and see if you can only disable the padometer and not the whole app, i did’nt do it but others said that they could disable the padometer, i only see the Health app.

Found it thank you!:slight_smile: No options for disable pedometer, only the whole health app.