Hello @all :) My Finow X5+ want´s to install a OTA Update for some

Hello @all :slight_smile:

My Finow X5+ want´s to install a OTA Update for some days now. Due to the fact, that previous OTA Updates were faulty, i didn´t proceed… Where do i check the version (timestamp), my watch want´s to install? It´s been downloaded some days ago (4-5) and tells me once or twice a day, that there is an update ready to install…

Is there a way to cancel and delete the downloaded one and download a “fresh” version from Finow´s servers?

Maybe someone can give me some advice - don´t wanna brick my watch :wink:

Thanks & Regards,

Is it dated 20161207?

Latest 20161221 is also safe and fixes the Google play store menu in a square screen problem :+1:

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 I do not know, where to check the version number :confused:

In settings, more settings, about watch

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 But there i see only the build # whats on the watch already (LMY47I test-keys). As i have not installed the update that was downloaded, i don´t see anything else. The update shows 100% ready to install - but i do not know, which update-version this is… :confused:

Here´s the OTA Screen with the 100% ready downloaded update and the install now or later options
missing/deleted image from Google+

I´m so stupid… Just slided bottom to top - and there are the infos :smiley: 161207-1481089223

This should be safe, right?

That one is safe yes. I think after this one, you’ll get one more: 161221, which fixes Zoom Display mode for the Play Store. Make sure you have plenty of battery left, because these updates take a while!

Yep, all good

@Ronald_Jansen Thanks a lot - i think i will try it in the evening :slight_smile:

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi to all, I found a small glitch in the recent update that I was able to correct.

After installing the update I found that I could no longer change watch face by holding my finger on the displayed face and scrolling.

Instead face would go black for a few and then the original face would display.

After about an hour of trying different things I went to settings to set the default watch face. This worked just fine. Once I had changed the watch face and went to home I then tried the press and hold. All had returned to normal.

Not sure if this happened on my
Watch only or if others had similar. Thaught it best to share so no one has a heart attack. If you have the same issue, it’s easy to fix.

Happy holidays to all.