hello all, I just purchased this watch and am waiting for it to arrive. 

hello all, I just purchased this watch and am waiting for it to arrive. I am doing some research so that I am prepared when it arrives. I am currently interested in the watch faces and was wondering if anyone has successfully managed to load custom faces. I am interested in “designer” watch faces, similar to those that you can find on facerepo via facer and watchmaker apps. I know this is not an android wear device, but where can someone find all those watch faces? Also, can someone explain how get them on the smartwatch? Thanks!

Where did you buy it ? . It is interesting to change watch faces in this beautiful watch

purchased directly from manufacturer, made payment today and waiting for it to arrive.

I can not find manufacturer´s web site




how can you order from their website?

if i am not mistaking, there is a gal Zoe, that i saw post some comments in these groups. Her email matches the contact email for shenzhen-kingwear-intelligent-technology-co.-ltd. I personally contacted the vendor through global source and requested a single sample unit.

@Manny_M - HI Manny , How much you paid for it ?

+Pablo Eleven, am I permitted to speak about prices here? just asking and wanting to make sure that I don’t get dinged for it :slight_smile:

@Manny_M I don’t see a reason why we can’t share prices here. It will also help future buyers to find the cheapest source for the KW88.

@Miguel_Tan i agree. i was able to secure a sample piece for $85 and an additional $21 for DHL shipping. Im hoping that a “sample” is the same as a normal sale and not an item that is under testing… whatever the case may be i took a shot at it. will update when the watch arrives