Hello all, i have a quick question for people who put a custom ROM

Hello all, i have a quick question for people who put a custom ROM on there D5.

I noticed that the D5 don’t show the sensors in the bluetooth services.
If you install a custom ROM will you get those services or still not?

Does anyone has any idea how i can acces the sensors?
Many thanks in advance.

Hi, the problem with the sensors is that they don’t work work with the Android Sensormanager every third party app will not work. Maybe a good custom ROM can manipulate the Driver so, that it pass the sensor data to android manager, but no custom rom will do that actually.

If you have interest in app development and want to get sensor access in your own app, then you can look at my guide which i posted under " Guides" in this Community or ask me for code.

Hi Micheal, thank you for your reply. I am a cordova programmer and build my apps in javascript (sorry i know maybe lame) Would it be possible for you or with your help to make cordova plugins for the D5 sensors? I think the community and the people who like to build apps for the D5 wil realy like that. I think the community will grow even bigger if cordova developers can join to build cool apps together with the Anndroid developers.

Oh, I had replied to you on xda, am I right? :smiley:

Than again the short version for the others here ^^
Yes I really think it is possible. You just must pass the sensordata to your cordova plugin. If you also want to control the sensor then you will need quite a lot java code. But if you only want to receive the sensordata you can use my app and then it is only a line:

int tHRData = System.getInt(getContentResolver(), “last_heart_rate”, 0);
int tSteps =System.getInt(getContentResolver(), “today_steps”, 0);

Actually it works only for this to sensors, but the others will come.

oh yes thats the same, sorry. I just wrote you a whole story :stuck_out_tongue:

I will try to wrap a plugin around it, i need to read in how to write android code tho