Hello all, I bought kw 88 but I don't have hebrew keyboard.

Hello all,

I bought kw 88 but I don’t have hebrew keyboard.
Somebody can advice me for a a keyboard app that suit to round watches .

TouchOne Keyboard

@Samsung_Galaxy this keyboard dont supports hebrew

@Samsung_Galaxy do you have link for apk of this keyboard ?

Search in the forum for it. In the search bar on the left.
It is English only at the moment I think and people are having trouble finding the enter key…
Personally I use Jbak2Keyboard. It has round watch support from Paul Bort built in and many different languages…

yeah, I have this version that has no ENTER gesture and sometimes I miss it :slight_smile:

Yeah - to me it makes it useless.
Mind you - it’s not even meant for our watches. Currently it’s for Wear only. They are supposed to release the full Android version soon.

thank you all, I start to use Jbak2Keyboard too.
as default Hebrew keyboard don’t support the circle keyboard, but I managed to modify the Russian keyboard to Hebrew.

@Yoran_Yossipov that’s great news :slight_smile: I like this key board. And on the X series watches it supports voice input :slight_smile:

Tomek https://goo.gl/W7Ebaf