hello all, I am new here and I recently bought a Kw88,

hello all, I am new here and I recently bought a Kw88, but i dont know how to install a face to it. I download facer, watchmaker and all this kind of apps but when i hold the screen tapped for 2 seconds only the basic faces that the watch had appear and i cant choose anything else or what so ever. Also, when i download a .zip face how we make it work ?

this will help you:

Thank you, also I want to.mention that mine is Baidu idk if I have to install a different firmware or its good as it is

i just have purchased finow x3 plus but can some one help me from where to download watch faces

???.. do you realise that you DON’T have an android wear watch?

It is android wear watch

if we speak of AndroidWear watches, generally it refers to the OS on the watch. apps like Facer, Pujie, Minimal & Elegant and other watchface designing apps, can’t just be used on smartwatches with Android 5.1 or lower by default. so none of the watches in this community have AndroidWear OS, but some derivative of Android OS. the difference lies in the two different operating systems.

My watch is android 5.1 but no apps is supported in watch just installed few by copying zip file to root of watch

I see what @Stephan_Schwobel means. I.thought because it’s 5.1 Android we were an Android wear. So are there some alternatives methods to http://make.it an Android wear if we install a different firmware or what so ever? Or we are stuck with it and we have to use the.method u mentioned above ?

my apology, I’m at work, can’t follow this blog right now until Monday.

@D_K1 Look at it this way…

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i did what it was mentioned in +iana sularto post but how do you compile the folder back to an apk ? huh?

Also read @Eric_Crochemore posts about his KW88 alternative launcher… :slight_smile:

thank you

well, i tried this by connecting it to a computer and then created a folder ClockSkin and placed a folder there of a face .zip extracted but, when i hold the screen on the watch to change face none of these appear there. any help ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Reeboot the watch it will appear