Hello all. Great work on the site. I am struggling a little bit.

Hello all.
Great work on the site.
I am struggling a little bit. I have LEMFO LEM3 watch, and I would like to install new faces. Tried the “ClockSkin” folder trick, but the watch did not pick it up. Any trick for this watch (the stock faces are limited and not that great, and LEMFO is pretty poor for support). It is a fully functional Android 5.1 round watch, so it should work like the others.

Many Thanks

From what I’ve been reading recently there isn’t an option to add/change faces yet… but new posts are being added daily… keep watching :slight_smile:

Didn’t try but any of you tried the + button at the far right of the watchfaces?

These watches do not have the + button/sign at far right.
Unfortunately we do not support the Lemfo3 officially either as we don’t have the watch but software is the same so it’s the way it is.
No custom faces - yet.

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 what watches do you guys tend to “get into”? I was looking at the lemfo also, as well as others, but I want something that I can easily find support by people that are smarter than me. I know you guys are working with finow and No. 1, but what other watches are supported?

try swapp link that is able to use some facer watch faces.

We are trying to get something working that will suit all these new watches - the software is all made by the same company. So when we get it resolved it will be for all of them.

@marc_bessis Lem 3 doesn’t have the +button. Just has stock faces only.