Hello all. Been watching a few different videos on the KW88.

Hello all. Been watching a few different videos on the KW88. Seen a couple watch faces that I like and been trying to track them down.

My GoogleFU has ran dry.

Anyone know where I can get these three at?

The first one is here. https://plus.google.com/103438956409386992816/posts/KKYNijFZVoS

Third is here… https://plus.google.com/103438956409386992816/posts/BafgyBbZ4sR

My arm comes out again. ^^;

@Tony_C Two outta three. Thank you. Very nice work Tony C. :+1:t4:

Anytime, I have never seen the 2nd one so I can’t help there…

How can i load these watch faces on to my kw88… I need a set by set guide please. I just bought the unit cause i see you guys make very nice custom faces for it.

  1. create folder on KW88 “clockskin”
  2. unzip watch face
  3. copy folder containing the watchface into “clockskin” folder
  4. restart KW88
  5. rinse and repeat

Thanx alot Samsung galaxy… ima try this and see… I need a friend like you to always help me thru stuff like this if u dont mind :slight_smile:

Well, you’ll also need the latest firmware - settings > about watch > wireless upgrade

If you’re running an older firmware you’ll have to install faces via apk

I upgraded straight after unboxing… So now am on a quest to find the most beautiful watch faces available… and i have a prob cause no calls can come in nor out this device. But the signal is on but when u try calling it shows that “No Signal” msg. Dont know why i cant get it to work as a stand alone cellphone watch