Hello again I need your help.

Hello again I need your help. In the Gearbest site in relation to the NO 1. D5 says the smartwatch has remote control for camera and music but what interests me is the music to control the smartphone music for example when I run.Control power forward the music and pause .I tried with bluetooth watch helper but i can not.Translated from google.
Thank you

you can’t control music from the D5 you need an app for that like Swapp Link.

Why don’t you put the music to the D5 and hear it directly via bluetooth without another smartphone which can be left at home?

@sonia_sophie_ataunna Hello Sonia Sophie Thanks for your help.I not tried to install another program, the smartwatch beyond Mediatek SmartDevice. In Zeblaze Crystal had the Mediatek SmartDevice program and work right for MTK2502 but for this mtk can not work.i need search some to see if it works.

@Gerhard_Kuehl Hello i research and so they say does not work there very well but my smartphone is a meizu m2 note and works well for bluetooth in my car radio. So i sent come a bluetooth headphone from meizu and they when you get I say something

@resolv51 : sorry , I cannot understand what you mean. Take a bluetooth headphone directly to your D5 and hear music, thats all. Leave your meizu m2 at home when running, thats pretty fine.