Heart rate, but no pulse ox or blood pressure?

Anyone notice that if you get a sports bracelet, you can get Blood pressure and pulse ox, on top of heart rate, however you cannot add watch faces. On the other side, Android watches have no problem doing heart rate and you can add hundreds of faces, but 95% lack pulse ox and blood pressure. What gives? Is it just a matter of not having access to reliable sensors? I would have thought that if a $20 sports bracelet can provide all that information, a $180 Android watch should be able to do it without an issue, possiblity even more accurately, yet you never see it. Am I weird cuz I find this an issue?

The Android sensor library just gives heart rate, maybe the other values can be estimated with a formula ?

Like smartwatch ticks got a reading from a " twinky " i once got a reading from a cold " pizza " . Very impressed :+1: