Has anyone in this group had experience with shady AliExpress dealers?

Has anyone in this group had experience with shady AliExpress dealers? I recently purchased a No.1 D6 from there with DHL express shipping, a few days after my purchase I received a tracking number which didn’t work on the DHL site, after 10 days I sent them a post asking what the go is. See photo bellow. After checking this new tracking number it states that my package was only put in today, and hasn’t even been received by the courier. The seller clearly lied to me, realized I had caught on and decided to finally get the shipping organized today and couldn’t even get the right courier. This is complete bull crap as I was expecting my watch some time this week and now it may even be a month or so away. I’m hoping that due to way I have been treated that I may be able to get a full refund for this item and still have it shipped, although much later than expected.

Hmm tricky. I would open a dispute with AliExpress and hope that they take the necessary action. I was sure there was a dispute option for them.

Yeah I really want to open a dispute, but I don’t really want the order cancelled. I can no longer find the D6 for the same price. If my package has not been sent to the courier by tomorrow I will put in a dispute.

My biggest problem is that this watch was purchased as a gift for me, so them refunding the watch or the shipping cost will not benefit me in any way.

I’ve had it where they have given a tracking number and it takes a few days to register. It doesn’t show on their system until the courier picks it up. Before that I think it’s just assigned a number.

gearbest is doing it also most of times… I dont know whats going on with Chinese sellers these days

I have a ton of experience buying from aliexpress (mostly tablets) and have only run into one problem where I had to open a dispute. Aliexpress is pretty good about resolving them so I would open a dispute to get refunded on dhl shipping (if it cost extra). Whether you paid for it or someone else did, someone needs to get their money back on the shipping.

I got my D5 in stock from there also, credit card company called 2 minutes after my order (china transaction), DHL did the shipping to outside of Toronto for a $20 fee, all done within 3 days. Great!

I put in a dispute requesting a full refund, this just isn’t good enough. I doubt these guys would have even sent the item if I didnt question them. I’ve spoken to the person who purchased the D6 for me and they have agreed to purchase it elsewhere once the refund is processed.

So they’ve come up with some kind of stupid excuse for their incompetence. I believe they are trying to hold the money as long as possible. I will not give in though, and pursue a full refund.