Has anyone come across a problem with their Finow X5 charger?

Has anyone come across a problem with their Finow X5 charger? I have mine plugged into the dock and its now not charging. I’ve just ordered another but wondering if it’s a known error that they fail quickly?

Hi BF… I’ve had a problem but others have… try a forum search - some fixes seemed really easy, other a bit more complicated… there are even links where you can purchase extras - like a dock… :slight_smile:

I’ve purchased another dock and contacted the seller. Seems a bit quick for the dock to fail. Have only had the watch less than a month

I read something about cleaning the terminals and the back of the watch… without using water!

Yep - that’s good advice. An alcohol swab to clean the contacts is great. If it still doesn’t fix it you can open up the case and dis-connect and re-connect the battery cable.

Thanks guys. I have ordered another connector so I’ll see how that goes and have contacted the seller. I’m not tech savvy enough to go tinkering, I’ll just stuff it up

My charger failed after only a month,2 of the 4 pins on the charging disc refused to pop up. I complained to Jessie at Finow, took several days for a reply. At first she wasn’t willing to provide a free replacement, saying it could be user error. I said how can it be user error as it is magnetic and moves into the correct place. So she agreed to send a free replacement but stated this is the 1st and last time.

@Lac_Mac yep - outstanding customer service LMAO :slight_smile:

Cables and even USB ports can be troublesome as well. It’s always worth checking every link in the chain…

I took my charging disc apart to see if I could repair it. It’s a fiddly son of a bitch,and not having steady hands didn’t help either. But I managed to put a couple of tiny bits of folded up paper under the pins to push them up a bit more. It worked and was able to use the charger until the replacement arrived. In fact I’m still using it. May as well use it till it stops working, that way I’ll always have a spare.

How did you get it apart?

I used my finger nail to to separate the 2 halves.

Thanks for the advice lac! Got it working. Hopefully it holds out till the new one arrives