Has anyone been able to root the finow X5?

Has anyone been able to root the finow X5?

Yes, TWRP and SuperSU. Look in FAQ&GUIDE section

It’s not there

The last watch I would root is X5…very stable, open to new skins, all Apps working flawlessly…my advise

@Khalid_Naji thanks… But I still wanna root it tho… care to guide me?

Follow the guides…never searched for it. Good luck

I searched, but it was fruitless


You need flash tool to flash this. I have used SP_Flash_Tool_v5.13.52.
Big tip: If you have Windows 10 like I do, try to flash it without installing the Windows 10 MTK drivers (just skip step 1) ). I had no problem flashing without installing those.
After flashing the TWRP recovery. Reboot the watch into recovery (whilest powered off, power on while keep pressing middle button + lower button until you see the “Smart Watch” icon. Then you can let go and you will get into the recovery.
Then just exit the recovery (reboot into system , something like that) and TWRP will ask you if you want your watch to be rooted.
After you have rooted your watch, you need to install SuperSU from the Play Store.

Thanks @Ronald_Jansen

I downloaded iroot and it rooted it without any complications which was good because I have no idea about techno stuff.:grinning:

+Tenniel Winterbourne… Wow are you serious?


@Tenniel_Winterbourne just FYI - this is probably one of the worst ways to root your watch. How do you know what junk it has injected into your watch’s system partition? That’s why we have root toolkits here on the forum - to save you from these things.
You only had to visit the new forum and you would find everything you needed.
I can see we are going to have shut most of this down soon. No one bothers to go to the correct place !!

Hi Pablo. I’m new to this community, know nothing about rooting phones, possible dangers of doing so etc and wasn’t aware that you had rooting tools available on the site. You seem a bit miffed, possibly somewhat offended that I recommended another rooting tool over the one on the site. This isn’t the case as I wasn’t aware of the one on the community site. I accept your point that I potentially opened my phone up to all sorts of harm ~something I did not consider at the time, however I read a post by a fellow community member who appeared to be frustrated by his inability to root his phone so I thought I’d suggest a tool that I had found simple and easy and (seemingly so far) succesful. Certainly wasn’t trying to ruffle any feathers. Bit surprised I did really.:wink:

Hi mate. You didn’t ruffle my feathers, lol
I guess I sounded negative but that’s only because what you do when you pass this root method on, is pass on the risk - like a virus.
Root access is very powerful. If it is miss-used your personal info can be fed to anywhere in the world at any time and you wouldn’t even know it.
Taking a little time to read up on your new device is really worth while and we are hoping that this is what we can provide for our members.
A safe, one stop shop, where you can find all the answers to any questions you may have.
We also provide very safe methods to achieve “pure root” and other tools.
Anyway, just want you to know - it’s nothing personal. When ever I see these root methods mentioned I say the same thing.
All good.