H. Moser - Endeavour Perpetual Moon

The Endeavour features an aventurine* dial stripped of indices and logo lets you voyage deep into the Milky Way, bringing not just the moon to your wrist, but the stars as well! (*a form of quartz, characterized by its translucency that gives a shimmering effect.) With the Universal Launcher, each of the 28 phases of the moon are revealed day-by-day.


Esp. for @Doonsbury & standard launchers:


CREDIT: H-Moser.com


Nice one doubledad! :+1: But you seem to be making a lot of Moon oriented faces lately? Oh well, I guess it’s just a phase (Maybe even 28 of them!) your going through! :crazy_face: :rofl: Cheers, Doons

Some say I’m just a loony…

Loony…or Lunar? :crazy_face: Look, I am authority on “loony” because I have closely studied @Dr_Andy_Vishnu, @G1NT0N1C and @Eric_Crochemore (And believe me they don’t come much more unhinged than these 3 Amigos! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :smile:) and you, doubledad…although you are admittedly a little, shall we say “Off balance” (Thats being charitable! :smiley:) are no where near as far gone as the “Terrible Trio”! So by all means press on with the “One small step for man” time pieces! :woozy_face: :rofl: Cheers, Doons

P.S. This reply was written out for me by doubledad and he agreed to make a NON Universal watch face for me if I posted it! :crazy_face: :rofl:

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Since this face is UL, are you requesting a non-UL version? Not sure it would retain the simple beauty of this one…

But if you want it, I just made the std. version and will post if desired…

Thanks for the offer doubledad., but I was just having some fun with the guys about my whacky post! Cheers, Doons

Like it or not Doons I did a version for you look above

“Oh Ye of little faith”!! :crazy_face: Downloaded it yesterday dad x 2 :rofl: If you can go to the effort of making one for the “ol” Doons, then at least I can download it and put it on my watch! (I’d hardly be game enough to do otherwise!! :woozy_face:) Cheers, Doons