guys I ran last updated on kw88,

guys I ran last updated on kw88, I no longer Watchface :frowning: dammit

I can confirm, yesterday I started the Wireles Update, it found a new version and after update only the preinstalled Watchfaces are working. I also tried the factory reset and installed the Watchfaces again - without progress.

If this is true then I’m really p… This can’t be true… They would dig their own grave… No one wants a smartwatch and not being able to add cf one way or the other.
All the other brands have it and so my next will definitely be a non Sinsoftech.
We buy it… See it doesn’t have the option to add… We ask them nicely and try coming up with a solution ourselves to help and then they do this? I still think it’s a mistake or try make a directory clockskin like the other watches… Maybe that works now?

They refuse to answer email… To help in new firmware… But will spend enough time and effort making a firmware update thats killing our ideas and joy and way of adding simple 3 hands cf? would be childish and evil…
Still can’t believe it…maybe there is now a way of adding CF like the D5 or X5 can… Please try some things

Downgrade is impossible to kW 88

In case this is true it’s a great (negative for Sinsoftech) story to be told

I have updated it to the new version and have lost all new apks faces I can not reinstalled them, they are lost .

I only updated because lately I have several automatic restart problems every day and I thought it was for having so many apks faces installed ( about 10 added to the stock faces ones)

Anyone tried the D5 or X5 way yet?

I have to say, KingWear don’t seem to have much control over the software. It’s Sinsoft who are pulling the strings here.

My FW version is 20160921 and the apk faces are still working as expected. Which version are you guys on ?
Because I have no option to OTA after that

Just to be clear - I flashed this firmware - no OTA. This firmware is on the new forum and is a complete SP Tools flashable FW.

20160903 and I’m scared of even take a look if there’s a ota :wink: nice work Sinsoftech…

My is the: KW88_CS1_B_20160921 so the same as Pablo 11 has but in my case the apk faces don’t work. So whats the diference? May be something went wrong during my update?

@Radovan_Glockner but did you flash it or accept the OTA ? It is the OTA that breaks it.
Flashable version works fine.

Aha ok that is the diference. I have accepted the OTA

ota guys

not work apk to watchface

fuck fuck kingwear