Greubel Forsey ( ) They create beautiful and interesting watches.

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They create beautiful and interesting watches. Many of them I like and I decided to make skins a few of them.
First is:
Quantieme Perpétuel a Équation
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Download link:

Second will be perhaps Signature 1…

I still don’t have my own KW88. Maybe it will be Finow X5+… I can’t decide which I like more :slight_smile: What do you think?
So please test this skin and let me know if something works not good.
Top right dial - I changed from temperature indicator (I think) to battery level dial (scale changed from 0-36-72 to 0-50-99).
I also don’t know a functionality of this small dial on the bottom - now it is just a picture and I have no idea how can I use it on this skin.
Another change is a language of days names and months - oryginally in French… but I don’t speak French :wink: I hope it isn’t a problem.


Very nice face, thank`s

In dropbox please

@giovanni_vierti Dropbox - - Simplify your life

Invalid watch file

@giovanni_vierti What is it? KW88? New firmware?

I have huawei watch and watchmaker premium

Only file .watch

@giovanni_vierti Huawei is Android Wear watch…