Great jobs! I am a new comer,

Great jobs! I am a new comer, and I just got my new KingWear KW88, however I don’t know how to install those cool design on my watch. Anyone can give me a hand? Thanks a lot.

Drop the apk on your phone and install


Hi Di Di, how do I download the apk files? I tried the links below from the contributors, and the files are in zip format. Did I make any mistakes?

For example, I tried to click the link of the Panerai face below, the link forward to download a zip file to my watch and I cannot extract the zip file on my watch.

I am new to the Android system, sorry about that.

Thanks a lot,

@Hajime_Ryudoh ​ if u want zip watchfaces go to the forum. Check under the Round friendly apps… And find Eric’s launcher :slight_smile: there is a guide there and enjoy :slight_smile: i’m using it for more than 5 months… Possibilities are endless :slight_smile:


@Sasa_Petrovic yes, best option by far…