Got bored. 100% WFD created. Needs Universal Launcher for the time.

Got bored. 100% WFD created.

Needs Universal Launcher for the time.




The light effect is cool.

Rotating “Digital Clock”? Wow! That’s a neat trick and, I believe, a first, at least on full Android SmartWatches :). Did you use the “Create Animated Layer by Changing Text” option to make it?

To get it to offset, I had to combine a text layer with a transparent square and export the group.

@David_Koren I’ve read this sentence 10 times but still doesn’t know what you mean by it.
Can you explain step by step how you made it rotate?

Ah, i think i get it now.
One word: WOW!

I’m going to try one myself if you don’t mind.

I haven’t get it quite yet, but I get the idea that it should be simpler :). I’ll put “make it simpler” on my to-do list :slight_smile:

Start WFD, make a square layer then add a perspective layer. Set the perspective layer to 0 radius and straight words (no rotation). Change the text to 00 to start. Move the perspective layer to the bottom right corner of the square created. Make the square transparent and group with the perspective layer. Select the group and export the selected layers. Change the number of the perspective layer to 01 then select the group again and re-export the next “frame”. Repeat this process until all your frames are exported. Do the same for hours on the bottom right of the transparent square. Disable that group and add your GIF layers using those exported images as the frames and set to once per minute and hours frame rate respectively.

If I had a decent screen capture, I’d make a video.

That’s what I thought. Too much work… I’ll make it simpler :slight_smile:

@Marco_Ferreira Simple = Good :wink: