Google+ post by william judge enza conley on 2016-10-03 08:09:24 UTC

An Android Wear watchskin?

Yep I made 7 various ones based on dredd made using the watchmaker app

Nice… but why have you posted it on a non-android wear site?

I posted it to the wrong one by accident but didn’t see the point of removing it

Unless there is a problem and people wish me to remove it. then I will

I think that you’ve identified the problem yourself - “I posted it to the wrong one by accident”… but as you posted in “General Discussion” we might as well talk about it… have you any plans to make a version for non-android wear watches?

I would love to make one for non android watches I just need to learn how I own a moto 360 but follow this page and am really looking into getting a different watch any pointers u could give me would be great :slight_smile:

Start with Clock Skin Maker… type it in the search bar :slight_smile:

Will do thanks :slight_smile:

Found it now I need a pc lol :frowning:

Your efforts are appreciated, thanks :slight_smile:

Thank u for your appreciation :slight_smile: