Google+ post by tony bunn on 2016-09-11 20:05:12 UTC

@Andrew_Davis Ref our post on the other side; here is your hna on my KW88. looks good. Tony

@tony_bunn Thank you Tony… I’ve now got the answer I was looking for… I’d made some adjustments to the order of the hand layers in the apk xml file and needed your photo to check what difference it made… excellent work :slight_smile:

How do i install it? trying to search for a tutorial but nothing… I have a rooted zeblaze blitz. Also tried the watchnew.apk from Olivier and it does not work,

@Jorge_Fernandes As far as I understand only KW88 works… please search in other threads :slight_smile:

Thanks for the answer @Andrew_Davis . I’m searching and reading all the comments but cant see any explanation or a “how to” :c

The order of the hands in the Startrek.apk is h/m/s… I changed the hna.apk to m/h/s but by looking at the photo that hasn’t happened… interesting…

@tony_bunn do you fancy helping with “hnb”?.. I’ve put a post “on the other side” :slight_smile:

@Andrew_Davis Happy to. later today - i’m off to work right now :O(

@Jorge_Fernandes Later today I will post how I load the APK into KW88 it’s quite straightforward, but no time now…