Google+ post by Khalid Naji on 2016-09-07 06:38:19 UTC


Very nice :slight_smile:
I think it would be a good idea if members could share their .apk files on Google drive maybe - like we do with normal watch faces.
This way it’s back to sharing community spirit again :slight_smile:

Great and hope so.

That was a hint for you to upload yours, ha ha ha

I am Waiting to see how to through an example then will flood you.
I am a user…very old win developer.

Fantastic Watch face,do you want install for my k88???

I did not create it…I just downloaded it.
Smash created…search for the link.
I am not a developer.

Guide to install??

Goto I2/xxxxx/xxxx general discussion section you shall find everything.

is this now the Zopper Widget or an APK file?

Please share the steps

is there a tutorial with vidio

is there a tutorial with vidio?

Gonna have a competition with a few mates. Who will ask the most times for instructions without bothering to read the right section?

I created it see my post

How can I get this on my X5?.. thanks

@Ezento_Ikenna you do not use this on an X5. On an X5 you can already use whatever watch face you like. Have you even looked at the custom watch faces section for the w series watches?

Link and download for this Watch face ??

@Francesco_F_Monkey_s for a $5 donation I will install it for you :slight_smile: JKING

@Manny_M ahahha ok ok