Google+ post by Djallel Benmdjahed on 2017-02-11 17:23:38 UTC

CircelsideBar. Apk

This is not a face release, it goes in Round friendly app. Have dveloped this app or it is avaiable on public link or in Play Store?

OK Ciro Danise thanks!

@Djallel_Benmdjahed thanks for head up! nice

You’re welcome zsolt m!!!

How do I install this application?

@Djallel_Benmdjahed where did you find this? It’s interesting…

Pablo Eleven (Pablo11), I found this android application on google play, here is the link:

I use the left side trigger, that not confuse me, because on the right side there is original menu on my x5 + .

thanks very much :slight_smile: - it would be really great if you could post it in the other forum here:

@Djallel_Benmdjahed I had to remove the other app site links. Only links to the legitimate Google Play store are allowed here.
Thanks very much for understanding.
Nice find :slight_smile:

OK Pablo thank you!

you know Pablo Eleven (Pablo11), my problem is I do not know how to speak in English, nor understand in English, I speak in French and that is why you have noticed my brother Pablo Eleven (Pablo11) 'Explain and teach me, so I apologize, sorry Pablo? About this publication on “Cirecl SideBar” you can post it in my place, I do not know how to publish it because I do not understand in English e tries to make the translation thank you very much Pablo!!!

My brother “zsolt m” I can answer you but not in the site in android watch round made me your email address and I give you your answer !! thank you

@Djallel_Benmdjahed have you posted this app?

@Al_Rod it’s on the Play store