Good apps to have on a smartwatch

Using my Lemfo LemP more now including using it for amazon sunday package deliver for the USPS. What would be good, useful apps to have on your watch. I have Gaofit but wondering if there is a better one that doesn’t use metric. Have google maps so i can use the GPS on it to find places instead of looking at my phone while i drive (which I know is not good). I have enough storage on the watch so I’m looking for apps that I’ll get alot of use out of. Any Suggestions will be helpful…

Instead of Gaofit try watchdroid . We have a whole section on it on this forum . A far better choice

@Dr_Andy_Vishnu did you manage to use watchdroid with a watch with android 10? I have the Optimus 2, i have given all the authorities and permissions to the app and it can’t connect the watch to my phone… It gives me a message that the QR code is wrong.

Don’t use the QR code, pair it manually in the Bluetooth settings.


As @G1NT0N1C said pair the old fashioned way . However after this i have sometimes needed to use the QR code after manual pairing ?

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Thank you both! :grinning: :grinning:

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Before using watchdroid is recommended to pair between watch and phone manually through bluetooth than open app in both device and try to connect

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I tried it and it works, thanks!!