Genesis Firmware and discussion - updated FW added to the folder

Thanks. Did a full reset, even flashed again. Still no joy. Nothing really a deal-breaker, just a nice-to-have at the moment.

As an aside, the full reset isn’t as terrifying as power-menu → Reboot — which, it turned out, wasn’t so bad after all

Yep, I guess you have tried everything.
To be honest I suspect that the sensor is faulty because flashing firmware would have fixed it otherwise.
Factory reset is very simple, agreed.
Unfortunately it seems you are stuck with the fault.
I don’t recommend trying to remove the rear cover - it is extremely difficult to do.
Got to be the smallest torx screws I’ve ever seen…

Dread fills me at the very thought of opening up my laptop, let along a phone or smartwatch. Desktop PCs, I can still manage

Anyone have any idea of the icon to the right of the airplane? Google Lens was not helpful.

On a matter of this forum’s interface: I can’t find any button to compose a new message, which is why I always have to hit reply

That icon is to turn the screen on gesture when you raise your wrist. It’s a shortcut.
This is what the sensor looks like.
Not something that is user serviceable…

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Suggest you take a little time just spent exploring what is actually on this forum.

The icon to the right of airplane is Data. Mr. Ticks covers this in his video’s.

Ah, so I have to leave this category and go to the main page to create a new topic? That’s not intuitive or friendly at all. In all online forums I’ve been on — dozens upon dozens of them — I can enter a new topic in the same category, or its equivalent, without having to go to the main page.

Thanks, might’ve missed that, Mr Ticks has several videos

@Daniel_Escasa Make a new topic?
What are you trying to do?
Mr Ticks Genesis videos are all posted in the main Genesis thread. This is the firmware thread

I want to create a new post here that’s not in reply to another one. @Jonathan_Bickel posted a screenshot of the home page of FAW which contains a button for New Topic.

There you have another potential source of confusion, although I’ll admit I haven’t tried it yet. Your understanding of New Topic seems to be — and please correct me if I’m wrong — is that it’ll create a new topic on the same level as Firmware Thread

If you’re used to forums, this one is no different. Just create a topic and choose a category.

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If you are replying to someone then you use the top reply option in the picture.

If you are just creating a post in the same thread you use the bottom reply button in the picture.

If you are creating a new topic you have to do as Eric has said…

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Well then I suggest you go ask your questions on another forum. And have a good day.

there’s no need to go to the main page, you can create a new topic from within the category as well

True but to help the folks who don’t take the time to familiarize themselves with the forum you can click on the FAW logo at the top of any page and it takes you directly to the main page where the link is available.

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I have added a “slightly newer” firmware and TWRP from @iscle to the firmware folder.
The images are all inside the FW zip XY_G1_3300_EN_A3_20200513_20200513_022618

I have not noticed any real difference to performance though.


Thank you and @iscle!!! So much! Been waiting so long for it! ;)))


im not really looking for performance improvements im just hoping the firmware update will help make it so when the watch over heats the overheat warning goes away and stay away. the biggest issue is 90% of the time if it overheats the warning wont go away unless i just reboot the watch even if its already cooled down. hoping that is something that can get worked out eventually if this update doesnt fix that.


I wish I could say something positive but the factory is not cooperative :frowning:

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I have a little issue with the recent firmware guys: picture is located correctly but sensor works kinda upside-down. To press a button I have to click way above it. Even if I flash TWRP alone- it functions same way- picture is Ok, but sensor is rotated.

Flash back to the original version.
I don’t think it is worth messing around with it.