Gearbest Vs Everbuying

Just my experience …

I ordered an X5 from on October the 3rd. Order took 5 days to process and was sent on October 8th (no tracking number provided). I still have not received it and it is October 12th. I paid for priority shipping to Gold Coast Australia.

I also ordered an X3+ from on October 7th. Order was processed and shipped out next day. They also provided me with a DHL tracking number, again priority shipping to Australia. My X3+ arrived on October 10th.

Way to go GearBest ! … oh and I got the X3 for $99 ;-))))  Fingers crossed my X5 arrives soon !!!

Enjoy your smartwatch…!

I’m loving the X3+, and still waiting for the X5 ! :slight_smile:

Yay the X5 from Everbuying finally turned up (20th October). That’s 17 days with priority shipping. Think i’ll stick to Gearbest if I can from now on.

Which one you like most the X3+ or the X5+?