G1N T0N1C Due to a massive security lapse,

@G1NT0N1C Due to a massive security lapse, Google is moving up their shutdown from August to April. This was reported on ABC news, however I haven’t gotten the chance to link the report. I will do that soon. Just letting you know.

We are looking at our options - we have backups of this community and we will take care of it. Bear in mind that we have full time jobs as well and we have almost NO MONEY.
This is self funded by donations only and we don’t have much - a few hundred dollars in the paypal account.
Web hosting is not free and we are going to need to find something we can afford…

@RASC_Moderators I may be able to help with some finances or web hosting at the time you need to switch over

@Thomas_V if you are serious I would be happy to hear about it? My email is zappa1.pf@gmail.com

Thanks very much :slight_smile: