Full Android Survey

Just wanted to let you know that I am working on a survey for the community. It’ll be posted within the next few weeks. It’s going to be an all-around questionnaire about what people like and don’t like, and what people want and don’t want in their full Android watches and watch faces. I think this will help both the community and full Android watch designers as well. The survey will be split into at least 2 sections, one for watches and one for faces. I will try to cover as many subjects and issues as I can. As I don’t believe there are many, if any, restrictions, this will be done with Google Forms. I encourage as many of y’all as possible to do this survey so we can get as wide idea as possible of what people like and want from our community and watch companies. I posted this originally on G+. Thank you for your time.

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Nice idea but to conduct a survey like this in the middle of such a huge change is not going to be realistic yet.

Most people from the previous community have not even logged in here yet.
Any data that you gather from this would not be useful.
It’s a great idea but very unfortunate timing…
Maybe it would be wise to let this new home settle down for a while.

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@pablo11 it’s gonna take me a bit of time to finish. Again, I am trying to be as thorough as possible. Also Google Forms may not be the proper tool so I may have to find another venue. I gotta see. I was planning on letting thing settle down a bit. I was just letting people know that I was working on it.

Ok, no worries.
Hope it works out :+1:
It’s quite a job getting something like that done properly.

@pablo11 I also wanted to work on that watch face designer manual I was talking about way back. I still haven’t given up on it. I just haven’t had ANY extra time, yet, to work on it. My biggest issue is that I’m still learning, myself. I might end out splitting it into 3 manuals, one for each level. I can do the beginners and most or all of intermediate and ask someone to take over for the rest. Again, I want this to be a free resource for anyone interested in getting into designing, or improving their designing skills. I will also have a PDF(for downloading and printing) and a doc/docx(for editing and PDF updating). That’s also going to take a bit to finish as well, but with all the people asking how to get started, I think it’ll really help. Plus, it should help reduce the constant “how do i…?” questions that seem to come in. Once it’s done, we can just push them towards the proboard or to the manual. I also have several people interested in translating it when I am done.