Found a nice app to keep screen on always for the Lem4 pro to

Found a nice app to keep screen on always for the Lem4 pro to compliment it’s powerful battery and since you can get over 15 hours screen on always time with this wonderful watch:) Just another point of interest it is a great way to cycle your watch from 100% to 0% for maximum calibration. :slight_smile:

Many thanks. I’m still waiting for my L4P to arrive from Ali :frowning:

Good find. What I’d REALLY like to see is a screen on option that actually keeps the screen on but does not activate the backlight (or shuts it off). I saw one on the Play Store but it requires rooting. Any chance on finding an app that keeps JUST the screen on and not the light without rooting? We’ll get much longer life if there’s a way to turn off the backlight, not just dim it to the lowest setting.

OOPS! Sorry, I’m thinking of the THOR PRO with the outdoor viewable screen. This app would work there, as would a screen off/backlight off app, but you need the backlight on the LEM4 PRO. Still would like the no backlight feature for the THOR PRO.

@SmartWatch_Ticks Hi Mr Ticks as backlight off indeed needs root access. An alternative perhaps you could try is to install this app combined with Screen On to achieve max battery life with Thor Pro if wanting screen on all the time :slight_smile:

@A_Kinsella I’ve tried a screen filter on the THOR PRO and it actually made things worse. As a filter, it tended to reduce the contrast between blacks and whites so the screen outdoors looks washed out rather than sharp with full range contrast. Besides, the filter only changes the polarization of the screen universally toward black without affecting the backlighting, so it wouldn’t save battery by reducing electricity to the light panel, tough it would seem that way by looking at the screen.

In the app I love, Display Brightness, there’s a “negative brightness” switch which invokes a variable filter that can go almost full black for very dim displays in total darkness. Set at that level, the screen is totally useless outdoors in the sunlight for the THOR PRO. Sadly, screen filters don’t help the THOR PRO much. :frowning:

@SmartWatch_Ticks Makes sense. I would try a proper backlight app but I really have no reason to root my thor pro as most other poeple :frowning: and my Lem4 pro is my daily driver. Love this watch.:slight_smile: The Lem4 pro has the strongest and clearest phone call quality I have ever heard in a smartwatch it’s flawless.:slight_smile: and 3g data rates the best as well 10mbps and above. Full 1080 HD streaming cast to my projector from watch.Unbelievable!!!

@A_Kinsella it’s pretty damn cool hey ?

@tim_Collins Yeah mate. With these new great batteries it works a treat:)