For those who want a high res image of the IQI I2 internals,

For those who want a high res image of the IQI I2 internals, here it is.
Pay special attention to the bottom right corner, there are 2 surprises.

#1: There’s a spare 3G connector. I wonder what would happen to the 3G signal if we’d disconnect the GPS and plug it into the 3G. Would it help? (Not using the GPS antenna anyways. If it’s as good as on the KW88 then unplugged it would give out the same signal of nothing…)

#2: There are two battery pads on the left of the battery connector.
I’ve measured the voltage and they are directly connected to the battery.
This implies that we could remove the battery and replace it with a generic model that fits. The custom battery connector makes if impossible to replace the battery without going through the original watch company. And I don’t know if they are willing to supply parts. I believe getting a spare docking cable or watchband seems to be an impossibility.

Excellent work @Kenneth_Tan ​… :+1::+1:

Thanks @Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 KW88 to follow tomorrow.

GPS is receive only at 1575.42Mhz and 3G is 1,885-2,025 MHz and 2,110-2,200 MHz. 3G will have transmit power which the GPS antenna was not designed for. But if you can replace the GPS antenna with a 3G antenna who knows. If you do this, find the signal level (there might be an app for that??) to see if there was any gain by adding another antenna. It could hurt more than help. I am not an expert, I just know enough to be dangerous ;^) Thanks for the photo. Its like a cute fuzzy cat picture, but for geeks.

@Dominic_Weston you say the sweetest things ha ha ha lol

By the red microphone wire- “camera”? Maybe a future upgrade??? That may be for a ribbon cable. If the camera was mounted there you could make the see-thru watch for-real. ;^)

@Dominic_Weston the camera option is because this is a generic board. Also used by Blitz and KW88 - which do have a camera.

Going to make a pic of the KW88 PCB tonight. Really wondering if it’s the same board. And if the SOP on the PCB is for a camera connector or a chip.

Update: Wasn’t able to make a highres picture of the KW88 internals due to workload.
Doing it as soon as possible.