For those who can't wait for the @G1NTON1C Vacheron Constantin 57260

I offer this stripped-down version with moon phase, hour (the big blue pointer), minutes, seconds and days of the month… Certainly NOT a substitute for what I am sure will be a @G1NTONIC masterpiece, rather something to help me while away the hours…




Download doens’t exist anymore, could you fix it please?

Pablo - I have run out of space on Dropbox and therefore have deleted many files there and on my system. Hope you understand.

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@doubledad Ok sorry, I didn’t want to disturb you. There are cloud solutions that gives you unlimited storage like (at the moment web page doesn’t work or at least with my browser) if you need more space.

Hmm, this is problematic. Of course we know the problem of dead links from members who are no longer active. Or also from members whom Google deleted the G-drive.
But when active members delete files for space reasons, it becomes difficult. Please delete the entire post in this case, otherwise this place will quickly become a kind of ghost town and finding a working link will become a game of chance…


Google drive offers more storage space