For the first time he saw the skin for the G2,

For the first time he saw the skin for the G2, the author of which is BLoNDoN, I decided to try to do the same but for Lem5. Sharing his work being inspired by the work of BLoNDoN.


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OMG THATS SO AWESOME! Do you know if this can be ported in APK form for KW88?
Congratulation mate, this is awesome.

I will try to do so in the near future.

Thank you, i will wait for that! :slight_smile:

Ok i found a few bugs, i’ve fixed them myself.

  1. You should not name the files in russian/cyrillic because with other launguages outside russian the graphics are broken.

Example: clock_skin_model ‘ijhì’’_1.png [should be renamed in] clock_skin_model_1.png

  1. The days are in russian. Could you do them in English at least?

Thank you for your work!

@Daniele_Fiorentini Currently apk faces doesn’t support anything more than hour, minute, second hands and date, so it is impractical to port this watchface. My personal suggestion is to use the latest @Eric_Crochemore 's launcher, as easy as to install an apk, to have access to this face an to all the others here available for D5/X5 watches, plus the support for many WatchMaker faces (.watch file).

Thank you for taking my mistakes, this is my first trial work. English translation I’ll do right now. As soon as I finish I will post a link.

@Ciro_Danise hi, i know that the apk version will miss a ton of things. I’m using the skin and launcher, otherwise i wouldnt help into bug fixing it (read above) :wink:

I corrected for English

This is amazing. Thank you man, you’re great!

Little has changed skin


This model is darker


Even better, darker is less confusing!

Realy nice watchface man! Thanx!

Great stuff, thanks! Just a note though, that it’s misspelled, it should be “EXTREMIS” not “EXTEMIS”. Love to get an update for that!

text corrected, added weather